To the hirsuite go the spoils

Friday, November 30th, 2012 by TBD

The boys doing their bit for Movember

Since we first started doing Movember in 2006 the movement has grown (no pun intended) to such an extent you can’t walk down the street these days without seeing a flurry of follicularly enhanced faces.
It also means that you have probably already been approached by a million people asking you to donate to them and their Movember cause. This is why the TBD team is not, on this final day of Movember, asking you for financial contributions. Instead, we ask that you invest something more valuable… your time. We ask is that you spend 5 minutes reading the article linked below provided by the good folk at Movember.

Read this article about men’s health now!

However, we can understand if you want to throw a few coins Movember’s way so here are a few of our colleagues and friends putting their best mo forward that you can donate to (tell ’em we sent you).
Tim Donovan –
Jepson Media –
Brett Judge –
Scott Simpson –

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