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TBD, Since 2005.
About TBD

TBD Design is a Townsville-based graphic design studio with a wealth of experience in brand design, application and implementation. We focuses on building brands and campaigns across a range of platforms, delivering digital and print communication solutions.

We work efficiently in our design work processes and understand the areas to focus our efforts in order to provide you with the best outcomes and value for money.

TBD has been providing services to small/start up businesses through to large corporations and government bodies since 2005.

Travis Farley

Creative Director

Travis is really good at thinking creative design stuff (and can articulate it exquisitely)

He’s been a part of TBD’s existence for 16 of its 17 years after working his way up from Middle-weight, to Senior, to finally the Big Cheese.

Travis thinks he’s mastered roast potatoes and Brussels sprouts.
No seriously.

He understands how to position your business in the market, is skilled at determining the right creative to suit your audience, and a few other things like tricky keyboard shortcuts but that’s just showing off.

Millie Farley

Greetings & Productivity Manager

Despite Millie’s inexperience, she has proven to be elite at greeting everyone that visits the office.

Whilst a little demanding when it comes to pats, Millie is unparalleled in helping with general morale, workplace happiness and lowering stress levels.

Millie is now expert-level at sliding across the polished concrete floor when chasing a ball and has that rare ability find the only thing on the floor you don’t want chewed.

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes!

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