Is the humble book dying? And is the iPad the assassin?

Sunday, March 14th, 2010 by TBD

Craig Mod has an excellent article here on the supposed demise of the printed book due to the rise of media readers such as the Kindle, iPhone, and more importantly the iPad.

His arguments, with which I agree, is that the iPad has finally changed the experience formula to such an extent as to outweigh the romantic notions associated with printed books.

On the iPad: “It brings the excellent text readability of the iPhone/Kindle to a larger canvas. It combines the intimacy and comfort of reading on those devices with a canvas both large enough and versatile enough to allow for well considered layouts.”

What I particularly find intriguing is the possibilities his concepts of vertical chapters and infinite content planes hold for the future of content design,  development and delivery.

Interesting times ahead for content designers.

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