A new Australian flag?

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012 by TBD

It’s Australia Day tomorrow so obviously the good old ‘new Australian flag’ debate rears its not necessarily ugly head. I won’t wade into the debate on whether the flag should be changed or not here (that’ll happen over a few beers and a BBQ tomorrow). But I am going to comment on the latest proposed design to have made its way onto the intersphere.

Below is the latest offering, the Advance Australia National flag, and for me it is one of the better proposals floating around. I like the gold and the and blue colour combination and the retention of the Southern Cross. I do have a small issue with the kangaroo. To me it isn’t resolved well enough. The head and neck are in danger of becoming unrecognisable, or mistaken for a kangaroo’s head and a sheep’s neck perhaps? I guess we need to be careful of not becoming to reminiscent of the QANTAS logo either.

You can catch the whole design rationale and the design of the various Ensigns here. Russell Kennedy, the designer of the Advance Australia National Flag & Supporting Ensigns, has thought through the process quite nicely. Kennedy is an Adjunct Research Fellow at Swinburne University of Technology, Department of Design.

The Advance Australia National Flag

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